Beijing Corporate Production Solutions

Looking for Beijing Video Production company? We have been a Shanghai based online video production company but perfectly connected with Beijing video creation resource, we have done several good projects in Beijing and we believe our reference will help you with your project within Beijing. Beijing has a broad variety of video production resource, if you are shooting in beijing, feel free to give us details to cause you to the quote.

What do you would like get in Beijing?

Beijing Movie Production resource is good, because it’s the central captial associated with great China, no matter if it can equipment, crew, casting, area, permit, logistic, studio, and so forth, we can souce everything away for your shoot, our skilled producer are well connected with the neighborhood talents and key sources.

Beijing Video Production products

from red epic, arri alexa, red dragon, arri amira, canon c300, bmcc, canon c500, bmpc, sony f55, sony ex3, and many others, we can make sure you get the greatest equipment in the city and also professional support, we can go for you the right gaffer along with lighting for your shooting, for those who have a confirmed list of tools and address, we can cause you to a quote including the delivery&pick up.

Beijing Video Creation crew

from camera person to gaffer, production associate, grip, casting, sound male, we can arrange the right crew for your project, film produciton, video production, different tasks with different experience, we will provide you with some options on team.

Beijing video production company

from tvc to business video, documentary to virus-like video, our goal would be to make a good planning for your own marketing, create engaging videos content for your targeting target audience, make sure your message is shipped in the video, feel free to let us know to your idea on your next video, and see how we can help you onto it.

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