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There is a lot of motion picture production equipment rental throughout shanghai china, but i’m here to find the best one in your case. The problem with the film development rental company in Shanghai China is that most of the significant equipment rental companies solely focus on big projects. Most of us uses different contacts to be certain our clients can get all many people needed from one place.
Exactly what is our services included

All of our film production equipment lease services includes: Equipment look at, equipment insurance(long term rental), Equipment delivery, equipment security and safety, we make sure that our clients find the best equipment in town, and quite a few of the possible equipment.

Motion Picture Equipment Sales Shanghai China

We have seasoned camera man, dop, dit and gaffer to help large companies check the equipment, we can in addition do the equipment check not having our clients, and the most important, most of us sometimes can arrange the kit assistants to pack anything for our clients, without consumers worrying about losing often the gears etc .

Our expert services has been proven “high level of quality and high satisfaction”, this can be our job and we ensure that everything is all delivered by the due date and on quality.
No more hustle for the emergency

Our multilevel allow us to react easy for our clients, with the neighborhood support and remote help support, we can have a fast submit for our clients during the nearly all days.

Video Equipment Rent Shanghai China, and more!

Do you really also need film production devices in other cities with China? We can provide the adhering to cities at the moment for our buyers as well:

Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong,

Hangzhou, Hengdian, Suzhou, Wuxi, Yangzhou,

E-mail us for more info:
info@shootinchina. com

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Video Film Production Services Shanghai China

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