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Are you looking for China Corporate Video Services? ShootInChina have experienced corporate video directors from UK, USA and many other cities, with strong local production support, we can create engaging Corporate Video for you.

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China Corporate Video Solutions

Our services includes creative planning, production control&management, till the final delivery, we helped lots of international corporates projects and we always have a good communication with our client
Bilingual Shenzhen Corporate Video

Our directors and producers all came from international background, with a few years living in China or locals that speak great English, we create great script for your target audience, and we make sure that your marketing strategy is well planned in the video.

Hongkong Corporate Film Producer

International standard of services with international support

As our connections allow us to reach to different area of China, even in the world, we have different types of network that are suffering from to arrange production in different area of the world. With the same quality of crew and equipment, we make sure our service is seamless.
Corporate Video that Chinese audience and International audience will appreciate

At today’s time, China’s audience expect to see content, not the content that hard selling stuff, only the interesting, engaging, or knowledgable, with those element, culture difference also needs to be checked before you release it.

Avoid the low price trap

A lot of corporate video companies that offer low price, but they always go way beyond the budget, or their service is not as good as they promised. We quote our client with details as well as suggestions, and make it flexible for our client on quotation.

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