Shanghai Video Production Equipment Hiring

Shanghai Film production equipment Book
services? We help our clients manage everything they desire when they shoot in Shanghai and China! Feel free to send us your list of equipment that needs quote for, we shall reply your email very very quick.

info@shootinchina. com

We certainly have years of video film special day production experience.

Rent your gear with us!

Just in case your gear or equipment may get blocked the after you land in China.

We Book most of the popular gears to your clients,

– technical support
-well mantained.
– organize local&international crew for their capturing.

Average over 8 a lot of equipment using and maintain encounter,

we provide
-the stable, well functioning, newish ( until you are asking for beta series camera) equipment to our clients.
-delivery and pick up services
-equipment assistant,
-data transfer(copy on set/backup drive ready)
-4G Mini Router on established Services(with special access to fb/ytbe/gsearch)
-FTP footage back up post services(we have servers in Hongkong, China, USA/UK, France/Germany, Japan, Korea and a lot more)
-grip, gaffer
-on set/event catering services

Our avaialble equipment

Red Kavalerist, Red Epic, Red scarlett, Red Mini,
Arri Alexa, Arri Amira,
Canon C300
SONY FS7, F55,

-few sets of DIRECTED Panel Lights+power+stands fully ready(Color Temputure Adjustable)

Filming Illumination?
Our gaffer owns any plently of film equipment and lighting with our other network involving companies.
Grips are also accessible.

Rent Hire Video Development Equipment in Shanghai
Our own goal is to help companies save their time if they coming doing shoots inside china, we not only concentrate in Shanghai, but also various other major cities in China and taiwan, heavy equipments now will not need to be carried here and there, together with your equipment list, we will type them out in different spots.

Rent Hire Film Generation Equipment Shanghai

Rent Employ Film Equipment in China and taiwan, we also help each of our client to source the film production equipment, many of us also provide related film development services includes casting, clothing, set dressing, studio hire, green screen, and a couple of alis friends companies that help us work on noise, post production, special result, editing, our crew will always be involved in film production business in China.

Contact us to find out more.
info@shootinchina. com

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