Shanghai Video marketing

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Shanghai Video marketing Are you looking for Shanghai Video marketing services? We have been around Shanghai for years and we would love to help our […]

Arri Mini Rent Shanghai China

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Arri Mini Rent Shanghai China Do you need ARRI MINI Rent Shanghai China? Arri Mini is going to change the camera industry to a next level, Why? Because it’s size is magnificent, it’s compact size holds a huge capability on image, since it’s a Arri Camera, and it’s designed for the light weight and hardcore quality for Drone to carry it, now god’s mode angel has a greater option. See what ARRI says about their camera: Compact, lightweight and self-contained, the ARRI ALEXA Mini is a versatile additional tool in the ALEXA camera range. Crews will find that the ALEXA Mini perfectly complements their ALEXA shooting kit, eliminating the complications of working with third-party cameras for specialized shots and keeping everything within a single system that is trusted all over the world. Yes, this is a camera also works great with MOVI M10 like hand held steadycam, it’s really the one shot fans thing. Not just about the size, also the quality: Even though the 4K is upscaling, the quality of the sensor is such that ARRI can get away with it more than some other companies probably can. It’s not really surprising that ARRI decided to come out with this model, especially since RED has been taking a lot of the work on gimabls and drones. Coming in now at about the same size and weight of the EPIC DRAGON, this ALEXA Mini gives DPs everything they wanted in the ALEXA in a smaller package. So there you go, ready to see some video done by arri mini? If you need to rent Arri MINI in Shanghai China, feel free to contact us.

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Film Production Equipment Rental In Shanghai China

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Film Production Equipment Rental In Shanghai China There is a lot of film production equipment rental in shanghai china, but we are here to find the best one for you. The problem with the film production rental company in Shanghai China is that most of the big equipment rental companies only focus on big projects. We uses different contacts to make sure our clients can get all they needed from one place. What is our services included Our film production equipment rental services includes: Equipment check, equipment insurance(long term rental), Equipment delivery, equipment security, we make sure that our clients get the best equipment in town, and most of the possible equipment. More than equipment rental We have experienced camera man, dop, dit and gaffer to help our clients check the equipment, we can also do the equipment check without our clients, and the most important, we sometimes can arrange the equipment assistants to pack everything for our clients, without clients worrying about losing the gears etc. Our services has been proven “high quality and high satisfaction”, this is our job and we make sure everything is all delivered on time and on quality. No more hustle for the emergency Our network allow us to react quick for our clients, with the local support and remote support, we can have a fast turn around for our clients during the most days. Film Produciton equipment in Shanghai, and more! Do you also need film production equipment in other cities in China? We can provide the following cities at the moment for our clients as well: Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Hangzhou, Hengdian, Suzhou, Wuxi, Yangzhou,

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Chinese Video Production Companies in China

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Chinese Video Production Companies in China Chinese Video Production Companies in China? We are a Shanghai based video production company that provide video production services in most major area in China, our goal is to save client’s time with our years of production experience. Now, many of you might think working in a country like China can be difficult, regards the content and media policy, actually it’s not as difficult as you might think it is, through the years, we have accomplished some projects that we barely thought it was possible. Here is what you can get from ShootInChina: -Production Support from Equipment Rental, Crew Sourcing, Location, Post-Production -Creative Campaign from start to the End, TVC, Corporate Video, Viral Video, Web Video, -Individual Services: Interview Shooting, Event Coverage, Long Term Video Content Producing, -Film Production Consulting, we have years of film production experience and willing to listen to your ideas. Shoot In China keep it’s core team small, we keep our daily maintenance cost as low as possible so our client don’t have to pay extra “Mark Up” on things. Our advantage is also obvious: -We are experienced in Video Production and Film Production, -We are on top of the technology, we gain new tech update from the industry everyday, -We are familiar with the policy in China, that’s very important for our clients, -Our crew love working with us on projects, we keep a very professional and healthy relationship with everyone, -Great on site management and always on top of things for our client’s project, -We won’t add extra item to our client’s project, -We are all professional, Our clients all love us and we really appreciate all the opportunities people give us from time to time. We hope our work can help our client to achieve more. Feel free To Contact US today.

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10 things to avoid when you shoot in China

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10 things to avoid when you shoot in China Film industry is booming in China, not like USA, there is still a lot of screen ready to be built in some developing cities in China, although, China is missing a lot of content to fill up these screens, it’s also because of the local industry is not as great as USA or Europe, it’s changing though. there is a lot of new co-production film projects happening in China, since we have done years of video film production support types of projects with oversea crews, we would list out 10 things that you should avoid: 1) Bringing Film Production Equipment into China. Equipment here mainly says Red Epic, Red Dragon, Arri Alexa types of Camera, sometimes you can get troubles by bringing other high valued camera such as Canon C300, Sony Fs7, this really depends on the custom as well, but for the crew that catches the schedule in China, the last thing you want is the custom keep your camera and lens. Solution: Carnet doesn’t really work in here, if you need to bring your own camera to China, remember to have a local contact who can prepare at least 60,000RMB as deposit to the custom, foreign check or currency won’t do in custom. Reason: This is to avoid the people coming to China and sell them, as soon as you hand in the deposit in check or cash, you can take the gears with you in China. 2) Hiring Translator as Fixer/Producer Translator in China has a different range of levels, when you visit China with your project, you really need someone who understand about the industry and media situation, when you encounter any issue, experienced fixer/producer will save your time to research, translator can only deal with the translation work, at most they would just spend time on researching on useless content on the web. Solution: Hire Fixer/Producer from, experienced, international, professional background film production crew will solve your problem without too much hustle. Reason: Time is limited to everyone, save your time by hiring from professionals. 3) Work with a wrong VISA Since few years ago China has started the law to strict the foreign crew work in China with the wrong visa, if you are ready to be part of a film production project, make sure you get a working visa for the project, according to Chinese law, foreign film crew needs to be registered within the film production application to the government. Solution: Usually a proper film project in China allows a few foreign crew members involved, so VISA won’t be a huge issue, if you are in a small production, try to make it business visa(although it’s still illegal), it’s still better than travelling visa. Reason: By applying working visa, you will be able to work safely in China, otherwise you can be fined and possibly kick out of China. 4) Recreational Drug use After Jackie Chan’s son got arrested for using drug at home, people here all aware of the recreational drug use is risky, at least for the Media industry, if you get arrested for using drug while you are involved in a film production, the film can potentially got rejected from the screen release, and yourself might get into some jail time for a few days. Solution:don’t take drug in China, it’s illegal. Reason: China is trying to create a society without the harmful elements, Drug is of course one of them. 5) Shooting in public area without permit Permit speaks a lot in China, usually if you need to shoot in China, the public area has to be managed with local authorized department, this can be done with the location manager or Producer, if you shoot without a permit, you can be stopped by police officer or the city management, this can potentially risky your shoot with further investigation. Solution: At least hold a J1 or J2 visa, or find location manager/producer to apply for the permit. Reason: Shooting in the public area can cause a lot of problem, having authorized permit allow you to manage your shoot better, without being pushed out from your location. 6) Publish/Release non-confirmed news/info/rumors on internet As a foreign expat, it can be risky to publish and release any content that un-confirmed, regardless it’s online or offline, you can get yourself into some trouble for doing so because internet here is wildly spotted by people. Solution: try not to publish things that can potentially upset people. Reason:people trying to create a harmony society, so shut up and do your job. 7) National/Traditional Holidays When the holiday comes, the whole country kinda falls into sleep mode, at least half sleep, people tend to get their days off for their own, if you have anything that comes in the way of their holiday, you might consider switch the day, because it will be very inconvenience to arrange things. In most big cities in China, the immigrant travels so far at this time of the year to spend their time with their children, families, relatives . Solution:May holiday, October National holiday, Chinese New Year are all big to Chinese people, so don’t stop their time in holidays, otherwise they can be upset. 8) Adult Content There is no level differs content in China, thus people here can’t shoot anything related with adult content, it’s a crime to produce adult content within China. Solution: Don’t do any adult content in China, it’s not gonna benefit you in any way. 9) Political Content It’s definitely difficult to do political content in China, it’s as risky as adult content. 10) Working with “Blocked” Artist/People Usually there is a certain list of people that you don’t want to work with, if you plan to make a share in Chinese market, definitely avoid the blocked artist just for safety of your project.

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Canon surprises everyone with Canon 4k Video Concept Camera

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shanghai video production

Canon surprises everyone with Canon 4k Video Concept Camera

Is this the Canon 4k video camera to kill all the others? Canon has been rumored to be working on a small 4k video cam and they’ve just shown off this ‘concept’ camera in China – leading into NAB coming up in 3 weeks.shanghai video production.

These ‘teaser’ images come from a Canon event in China where Hideki Ozawa Canon (China) president was showing off new gear and the famous Jackie Chan made an on-stage appearance to help show off the new ‘concept’ camera.
So there’s confusion already… the text of the source materials say “concept” camera, yet, it looks pretty much like a production body with its build and features.shanghai video production.

shanghai video production

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Video Film Pre Production Service Shanghai China

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Video Film Pre Production Service Shanghai China Video Film Pre Production Service Shanghai China? Shoot In China can help you with Video Film Pre Production Service Shanghai China, our video film crew have different all sorts of film production experience in the past few years, and we hope our knowledge and experience bring you great results. Video Film Pre Production Service Shanghai China with good communication we work with many ways of communication, emails, mobile, IM(Skype, Wechat, Snapchat, QQ), we make sure we are always reachable by our client, and we want to save client’s time with our communication skills. We work in Video Film Pre Production Service Shanghai China We help you with pre production in video or film, we have many different types of producers and crew that fit your requirement. Casting, wardrobe, production office, pet/animal control,wire fu, studio rental, event, all different types of work. Always on top of the technology, Video Film Pre Production Service Shanghai China whether if it’s on set wifi access, 4G hotspot, printing, taobaoing/ebaying, delivery, FTP, server racket, even website set up for wordpress, see how great we have done the SEO so far that everyone can find us?:P Always open for more discussion in video film production business in shanghai china we have talents, office, and all the necessary video film production resource, and we hope we can work on more different types of projects, so feel free to contact us for ideas.

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china TVC production

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china TVC production ever need china TVC production? we have a wide range of china TVC production talent to help you make the best tvc in China. Give us an email today for the latest quote. china TVC production comes efficient Our team consists experienced creative, art directors and producers, to convince our client to work with us on the best tvc, we keep our core crew small but our associated crew can be flexible working with us. china TVC production comes culture friendly we always care about the marketing stragedy of our client, make sure that the tvc speaks for our client, and work for our client, create more potential opportunity by adding and minus the unnecessary before the production start. china TVC production comes easy just an email away, we can start to offer you idea on your vieo, we work with client internationally, but that doesn’t scarfice our quality at all, and we are willing to travel.

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film production equipment rent shanghai china

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film production equipment rent shanghai china Do you ever need film production equipment rent shanghai china? We have done years of film production equipment work, and if you ever need film production equipment in shanghai or china, we will help you to put the equipment together. film production equipment rent shanghai china professional film production equipment film production equipment is essential, thus we make sure our client gets the professional film production equipment, our producers all aware of what offering good condition equipment to our clients, save the time during the pre production. film production equipment rent shanghai china Well maintained film production equipment Even though film production equipments are mostly solid, it’s still easy to get the damaged equipment from the rental house, we make sure that our equipment are well checked before we rent them out to our client. well trained film production crew our crew divided into film production and video production, as film production requires more experience, we make sure that our client can get the best support from locals. why choosing shootinchina to be your film production partner in China Shootinchina has years of film production experience in China, we always think ahead of our client and communicate with our clients oftenly, our crew is also the best of locals. film production equipment rent shanghai china film production equipment rent shanghai china

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