Video Production Services

We provide wide range of video production services, that includes planning, pitching, researching, developing, pre production and post production, till the delivery, and we would be glad to help if you have any question about doing video production in China.

Experienced Video Production Crew

At shootinchina, our core team have been working in video production industry for years, with with experience and rich resources in the local&international connections, we share our knowledge with our clients to the max, and always learn from the mistake and make things better.

Wide range of video production services

We focus on providing video production services, whether if it’s tvc, branding video, pr corporate video, corporate communication video, we can brain storming with our clients from the start and deliver the great video, we also help foreign crew that coming to China for their shoot, no only video production crew, we also provide all the possible support that they need, whether if it’s video production equipment, post production or basic logistic.

Based in Shanghai, covering China, Connected with International Quorom

We work closely with all the great crew in Shanghai, and good area of China(Chengdu, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong and Taiwan). We stay minimum so our clients can keep our cost down, we take advantage of the IM and social media to stay connected with the world.

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video production services
video production services



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